Pork Recipes

Know your cuts

Savvy consumers make it their business to understand the different cuts and how to use them in meal preparation. Learning what to do with which cut and how to save money by making informed shopping decisions can make a big difference in food costs.

We also invite you to try out cuts you haven’t cooked before. This will increase your knowledge, creativity and confidence – and, of course, your repertoire as a cook!

Pork Recipe

Top side

A very dry muscle that needs a fair amount of basting if used as a roast. It makes an economical pot roast. Braising it over low heat in a flavourful liquid until just cooked will produce the best possible results.

Silver side

Silver side is very similar to topside and should be cooked in the same way.

Soft shin

Soft shin is the smallest of the leg muscles and it’s just as flavourful and succulent as the thick flank when cooked in the same way.

Thick flank

The thick flank is smaller muscle in the leg has more flavour and more collagen than the topside or silverside and is delicious when slow-braised or pot-roasted.